Yuck! Do I Have to Eat That?

A workshop that will teach parents how to work with picky eaters and how to get kids to eat healthier foods. 

This workshop is one of many in the Practical Parenting for the 21st Century workshop series put on by Northampton Area Pediatrics.

When and where is the workshop?

Sunday March 5th from 4:00PM -5:30PM

193 Locust Street, Northampton MA 01060

Who is this class for?

Parents of picky eaters looking to learn techniques to expand their kid’s pallets in a healthy direction.

Who will run the program?

Michele LaRock MS RDN LDN and Ana Maria Moise MS CNS LDN will run the program. They will be joined by pediatrician Jonathan Schwab MD.

What can I expect to learn from the workshop?

Cultivating a diverse pallet for healthy foods begins at a young age, and enjoying healthy and well-balanced foods like leafy greens and whole-grains is something learned, not something innate. The Yuck! Do I Have to Eat That? workshop will guide parents through the specific nutritional needs of growing children, and will show parents techniques on how to deliver nutritionally balanced meals and snacks to children in a palatable way.

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