Wellness for Life: FAQ

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When does the group start? 

Wednesday September 28th, 2016.

How often will the group meet?

Every Wednesday for 6 weeks

6:30PM to 8:00PM

September 28th through November 2nd

Where will the group meet?

At the Atkinson Family Practice medical building. 17 Research Dr. Amherst, MA 01002

What can I expect to learn from the Wellness for Life Program?

How to transition to healthy eating (Now featuring weekly cooking demos!

• How to safely increase physical activity

• How to recognize and manage stress

• How to cultivate loving relationships 

What are Shared Medical Appointments?

The Wellness for Life program is a shared medical appointment. Shared medical appointments are sessions in which knowledgeable providers address a group of patients with similar health concerns. Patients receive more information than they would in a conventional appointment because:

•They spend 90 minutes with their healthcare team

•They learn from other people’s questions and comments

•The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive

•They learn to replace pills with skills

What can I expect from Wellness for Life shared medical appointments?

Wellness for Life shared medical appointments are designed to help you adopt lifestyle practices that lead to optimal self-care, weight loss, and improved fitness. Discussions and practical experience (such as cooking demonstrations) will focus on lifestyle changes that positively impact health, as you learn. After each session, you will be given a limited set of key practices to implement into your daily life. Needless to say, regular practice leads to lasting lifestyle modifications that promote health.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine is the use of nutrition, exercise, stress management and other lifestyle interventions as the primary therapeutic tool to help prevent or manage chronic diseases. The Wellness for Life personalized approach will empower you to make changes in:

• What you eat

• How you respond to stress

• How physically active you are

• How much love and support you experience

Do I have to be an Atkinson Family Practice Patient to attend?

If your insurance is a PPO plan, you can attend even if you are NOT an Atkinson Family Practice patient.

Are Wellness for Life shared medical appointments covered by insurance?

Shared medical appointments are covered by most insurance plans. Participants are responsible for insurance co-pays for each session. There is a one-time charge at the start of the program to collect co-pays in advance and for program materials. The exact amount will vary depending on insurance. Please call 413.549.8400 for details or to register.

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