Michele LaRock is Hiring!

It’s been an incredible three years, but it’s time to say goodbye…

UPDATE: This position has been filled. Thank you to those who applied.

Ally Whitelaw has been Michele’s assistant for quite a while now, and while she’s LOVED working for Michele, she must say goodbye. Ally is moving to Chicago at the end of the summer to pursue her two passions: improv and sketch comedy. Here’s what Ally has to say about working as Michele’s administrative assistant:


“Michele is more than just a boss. She’s my Western Mass mom, a true friend, and a GREAT cook, too.  I mean, I eat KALE now! I know what Kimchi tastes like! It’s crazy. I’ve been so happy to support Michele’s nutrition practice because I feel so supported by her. Whether it’s coming to my comedy shows, enlightening me on how to be a healthier person, or pushing me to overcome my own personal resistance to better my circumstances, I know Michele has my back, just like I have her back. Michele’s nutrition practice has grown and changed immensely since I began working with her, and I think it’s all been possible because we both show up to the office looking to support each other and support this business we both care about.

My life is different after working with Michele. I know what it’s like to work for a good boss. A good boss. Of course I’ve gained plenty of technical experience and skill learning the ins and outs of managing a nutrition practice, but I’ve learned more than that, too. I’ve learned that it’s good to hold yourself to a high standard, because that’s how you make opportunities happen in your life. Thanks, Michele. ”


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