Michele LaRock is Hiring!!

Wow two years have passed already?!

Thank you to those who applied. The position has been filled.

Brody Miller is currently Michele’s assistant but is starting graduate school for Economics in August and sadly will have to say goodbye, after a lovely two years. Here is what Brody has to say about working as Michele’s administrative assistant:


“Boy did I have big shoes to fill when I first began in the Fall of 2017 (Ally Whitelaw, Michele’s previous assistant), but I immediately felt supported by Michele as I learned my new role as her assistant, technical advisor, furniture repairperson, and graphic designer. I felt that my work was validated by Michele every day, and very quickly I grew to feel that I was a partner in the business with her. My goal was to be the best assistant I could, so that Michele could focus on being the fantastic nutritionist that she is. Along the way I learned many useful administrative skills, but I was able to grow most as a result of the responsibility Michele placed upon me. I know that this job has made a huge difference in my life, allowing me to find out new things about myself and inspiring me to find something that I was passionate about, to the degree that Michele is passionate about nutrition. Michele has been a fantastic boss, a good friend, and an excellent presence to be around every week.

The qualities which have made me most successful in this position have been my attention to detail, a desire to work hard for Michele and the patients she serves, as well as the flexibility to accomplish any task Michele may ask of me.

Along those lines, someone who would do well in this job would be curious about nutrition, yet would bring their own complementary strengths to the office. They must have a strong sense of ownership over their work, but also be able to complete tasks as directed by Michele.

This is an excellent job and truly a unique opportunity.”


Wow! It sounds like working for Michele must be GREAT!

If you’re interested in working for Michele, here are the details:

Looking for someone with a independent, can-do attitude!

Michele LaRock is a nutritionist in Hadley looking for an assistant available weekly to help manage her nutrition practice. Specifically, Michele’s assistant would need to thrive in administrative tasks, technical support, and creative projects.

Administrative Tasks include:

  • Entering data in Michele’s visits logs
  • Scanning documents and organizing files in Google Drive
  • Sending and filing invoices, receipts, and faxes
  • Scheduling patients
  • Contacting insurance companies to check patient benefits

Technical Support:

  • Maintaining Michele’s WordPress website
  • Helping Michele with infrequent phone, computer, printer issues
  • Setting up necessary technology for presentations

Creative Projects:

  • Creating flyers, handouts, and recipes for Michele’s workshops
  • Maintaining Michele’s branding throughout all print and electronic media
  • Creating WordPress blog posts and events
  • Creating Mailchimp emails to send out to clients
  • Creating presentations (preferably using Prezi) for Michele’s presentations

Attributes of an ideal candidate:

  • Independent Worker – Michele often requires her assistant to work in office without her there.
  • “Yes! And…” Attitude – Must be able to be flexible, adaptable, and agreeable through Michele’s changing needs.
  • Consistent – Michele’s schedule is flexible with the assistant’s schedule, but will require consistency week to week.
  • Focused, motivated, positive, and creative.

Still Interested? 

The job is 10-12 hours/week starting mid July

Starting pay: $13.00/hour (expect increase in pay over time)

Office located at 234 Russell Street, Hadley, MA 01035

Car is not necessary but would be more convenient (the office is on Route 9 the B43 bus route).

Submit a letter of interest and/or resume with references to Michele at RD@michelelarock.com with the subject “Assistant Application”.

It’s that simple!

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