Healthy Choices For Healthy Lives

A workshop that will explore how to achieve weight goals through a loving approach to nutrition.

One of the many workshops which are a part of the Parenting Workshop Series sponsored by Northampton Pediatrics

When and Where is the workshop?

The Workshop is from 4:00pm-5:30pm

193 Locust Street, Northampton MA

Who is this workshop for?

Parents looking for integrative advice on how to help their children achieve their ideal weight goals.

Who will run the program?

Michele LaRock MS, RDN, LDN along with Kristen Deschene M.D – Meg Colenbeck, LICSW – Ana Maria Moise, MS, CNS, LDN

What can I expect to learn from the workshop?

Attendees should expect to gain an integrative understanding of concepts around weight and nutrition as well as, food choices, lifestyle, and behavior changes.

Specific goals of the workshop are:

Identify three myths surrounding weight and nutrition

Implement three healthy food swaps

List at least one lifestyle change you could implement the next day

Learn effective language to communicate healthy behaviors with family members

Develop an empowering way to think about food and lifestyle changes

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