Giggles and Greens: A Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Group

Growing healthy, happy babies starts during pregnancy. Giggles and Greens will address all stages of pregnancy and early child development with a focus on the nutritional, emotional, social, and physical requirements of the mother-baby pair.


When and where will the program start?

April 8th 11:00AM to 12:PM at Atkinson Family Practice

Classes will be held every other week.

Who is this class for?

Women who are expecting or women who have a baby less than 18 months old.

Who will run the program?

Katelyn Dutkiewicz PA-C, Chaia Wolf LicSW, and me, Michele LaRock MS RDN LDN, will run the program.

What can I expect to learn from Giggles and Greens?

The Giggles and Greens program is designed to provide women with nutritional and psychological guidance from pregnancy through the first year of life. Women in the class will learn practical skills on how to feed and care for themselves and their babies from women on staff who are experienced in both healthcare and motherhood.  Women in the class will also benefit from sharing experiences, concerns, and questions with each other so that the dialogue of the class stays open, comfortable, and supportive.

What is a shared medical appointment?

Shared medical appointments are sessions in which knowledgeable providers address a group of patients with similar health concerns. Patients receive more information than they would in a conventional appointment because they spend 90 minutes with their healthcare team, they learn from other people’s questions and comments. and the atmosphere is relaxed and supportive.

Will Giggles and Greens be covered by insurance?

Shared medical appointments are covered by most insurance plans. Participants are responsible for insurance co-pays for each session. There is a one-time charge at the start of the program to collect co-pays in advance and for program materials. The exact amount will vary depending on insurance. Please call Atkinson Family Practice at 413-549-8400 for details.

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