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“Michele is uncommon. She turns nutrition into a readily accessible science. She’s fun. She is deeply knowledgeable about the gastrointestinal system and its profound effects on the health of a person’s mind, body, & spirit. As a colleague and a psychologist on the team at Dragonfly Integrated Care, I frequently collaborate with Michele around patients. The patients benefit immensely and appreciate her caring and playful approach and hands on style to help them make significant lifestyle changes.  By making simple behavioral suggestions, she changes families eating patterns. She even gets kids, and adults, to like eating kale.” – Erik Muten, MFA, PsyD

“Hi Michele! I just wanted to thank you again for putting together the nutrition series. The value that our members got was tremendous. You’re exceptional at what you do. I definitely want to explore other times and other opportunities to work with you down the road.” – Justin Killeen, MS – Owner of Energia Fitness in Hadley, MA

“Michele, thanks again! Feedback was awesome amongst the RD’s. Your presentation was informative , entertaining , tasty, passionate, and science based!! I am meeting with the Mass Academy of Nutrition & Dietetic  liaisons. Can I share you as a potential speaker for other area groups? And I would like to recommend you for a MAND speaker as well. Lastly, we would love to have you back for another topic.” C. Obrien, South Eastern Mass Dietetic Association. 

“When I first saw Michele LaRock my IBS was so bad I was in danger of losing control, and I was eating a very limited diet. Michele saved me. I worked hard on eliminating problematic ingredients and slowly reintroducing good foods. She had me test nutrient levels and correct deficiencies with high-quality supplements. I learned a lot about my gut. Michele taught me that I occasionally need to take a digestive enzyme to process fats since I don’t have a gallbladder. (No gastroenterologist ever explained that fats would now be difficult to digest thereby causing diarrhea.) Michele is patient, kind, as SO easy to talk with, even about the embarrassing topic of IBS. I am happy to tell you that I now eat pretty much anything I want, and, in fact, sometimes forget I even had IBS! Eternally grateful…” -Anonymous

“Michele has been an amazing resource for me and has had a big impact on my life. After fifteen years of being on acid-blocking medicine I was able to get completely off of it, reaping many obvious benefits from eliminating this medication. In addition, she has guided me towards healthy practices in my food preparation and consumption. I am now at the healthiest I have been in a very long time. Her knowledge of nutrition is encyclopedic. I would encourage anyone to avail themselves of her wisdom.” – David Knauer

“Believe it or not, I have already noticed some improvement with the supplements and dietary changes. You are the only clinician who has ever pointed me in the right direction with this complex issue.” – R.P.

“I am happy to report to you that by taking your suggestion of staying away from a few specific foods and by taking the Probiotic you recommended my pain level has been cut in half and has been that way since the first day that I followed your guidance! I have been to physical therapists and doctors and chiropractors and all helped me with my pain issue but nothing that ever lasted (short term mild relief only.) I can absolutely say that changing my eating habits has worked, no doubt about it! Thank you so much for your help in assisting me to make these simple and effective changes!” – Janice G

“I’ve been struggling with my health for years. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2004, I did everything I could to follow a healthy diet, and still my health wasn’t improving. Years later I had a colectomy due to the damage to my colon from Celiac disease and diverticulitis. It was not a 100% successful surgery, and my health suffered another blow, impacting my life in unimaginable ways. After being hospitalized for more than a month complete with a few sessions of dialysis, I was released with a colostomy bag (reversed 6 long months later). Additionally, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and neuropathy due to impaired nutrient absorption, and I’m only in my mid 40s! After this severe trauma to my body I decided to follow the recommendation of a staff nutritionist at the hospital: “Go see Michele LaRock, she’ll be able to help you!” I’m so glad I did! Without exaggerating, my life has changed. I’ve never felt better. I followed Michele’s directives in detail, I read all the medical journal articles she forwarded to me after I questioned and requested a scientific basis for her treatments. I took the high quality supplements she recommended, learned about Boron, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Choline, seaweed, etc. and the importance of these for a healthy living. I can now happily report that I’ve regained my health and it is all thanks to Michele! I was able to reverse my osteoporosis! I have referred many friends and family to Michele for their illnesses, and I get to hear from them how she has changed their lives as well. I cannot thank Michele enough for all the care and compassion she has given back to mine and every life she touches!” -Anonymous

“I want to thank you for your dietary assistance, especially your recommendation of the high quality calcium/magnesium supplement. You told me it was the only calcium supplement that researchers had found actually improved bone strength. You and they are right! For the first time without medication my bone density increased in the year and a half since my last Dexascan. In fact, my right hip increased by 8.3%! This is unheard of in the research from what I have been told. My spine stayed the same and my left hip increased a small amount. Just to hold my own in this amount of time is unprecedented for me. I am so grateful to you for your advice and assistance.” – anonymous

“The weight loss challenge was an excellent program! More useful than what I learned there though, has been your recommendations for anti-inflammatory eatings. I have returned to the beginning of the Ultrasimple program several times when I’ve lost focus. Thanks so much for everything!” – Elisabeth B.

“I’ve spoken to college nutrition classes about my personal story with my illness and what treatment was like. I’ll have you know I brag about you and how much of an influence you’ve had on my recovery. So thank you for everything you’ve done to this point.” – K. B.

“Attending Michele LaRock’s wellness group 18 months ago is the most important thing I’ve done for my health EVER.  That’s Ever.” – Jon A.

“I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to you for sharing your knowledge of nutrition, your passion for food and your gift of cooking!  The cooking demo you gave a City Hall has inspired me to change my mind set about nutrition and carbs in general.  It has shown me that the right kind of carbs not only keep you fuller longer which is a plus, but taste phenomenal which is an even bigger plus!  I’ve never tasted Swiss Chard or Leeks before in my entire life and had I known they were so tasty and delicious I would’ve started eating them as soon as I had teeth.  The information you gave, as well as the recipes, are valuable tools that I will begin to use as I build some new eating habits.  Thank you for sharing your gift, thank you for inspiring me and thank you for the wonderful and delicious tasting food.” – Gilberto M

“I just wanted to thank you for the seminar today. It was like you had been in my brain! I’ve been seeing dietitians for years for a health condition which has resulted in high blood sugar (pre-diabetes) and high triglycerides. But I haven’t been in a while and I’d like to switch to you, so I’ll be calling to make an appointment during regular business hours. Thank you!” – Megan D.

“Thanks Michele, you were really great!  Wow, such an intense download of useful information you gave us.  I look forward to the next installments for me and my wife. Thanks!” – Rob H.

“Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that I no longer have diabetes!!! My A1C was, are you ready?  5.2!!!!!  My doctor took me off the Actos! YAY!!!!!!! I just wanted you to know and to thank you for all your help and great advice!!!” Donna H.

” My husband Jim & I had an invigorating & informative meeting with you this morning. We agreed that it was time well spent & have made a follow up appointment. Thank you!” Gert C.

“Dear Michele. Thanks for coming to the Wilbraham Senior Center yesterday. The seniors enjoyed your very informative and delicious presentation. We all are going to look at kale in a different way now: As a friend not a foe. I will even cook kale in the very near future!  We hope you will return to the Wilbraham Senior Center again.  The seniors  would like to thank you sharing your time and talent with them.” – Maryellen S.

“Thank you for the demonstration today I truly enjoyed it!!! The Leak/Swiss Chard recipe was awesome…lol. Have a great day and thanks again!” – Shavena

“I wasn’t able to make the food presentation today but was lucky enough to have my staff bring me a sampling .  The food was amazing and everyone in the office was impressed with Michele and how she made healthy food options seem easy to prepare and taste great.” – Gladys O.

“I really enjoyed our session today and I also learned so much. My husband and I watched the documentary you recommended and we were both stunned by their findings. We had a dinner with brown rice, black beans and half of the usual amount of meat. It really did fill me up as much as a much larger portion of meat would. See you in a couple of weeks!” -Florence M.

“When leaving an appointment with you, I feel confident that I can do it and understand what happens in my body if I don’t.”  – S. H.

“Thank you for sending me the links about the benefits of eating apples. I wanted to let you know that I found our meeting in your office to be informative and enjoyable. You were able to explain some relatively complicated biological processes, such as lipoproteins in simple laymen’s terms that were easily understood. I feel that I have a much better understanding of the relationship between the food I eat and my overall health. Thank you for helping me understand of how LDL, HDL and Triglycerides interact with my body, this has made it easier for  me to understand the benefits a “Holistic Diet”. I really appreciate your guidance, and the time you spent with me. Thank you.” – Jack S.


“I’ve been meaning to email for a while but better late than never! I had my cholesterol tested and it went down over 40 points! From 246 to 204. I’m so grateful to our work in making this happen. My weight is slowly and steadily lowering, just not at the speed I would have liked. I’m still exercising 3-5x a week, which is great considering I am back at work. Thanks again!” – Rachael G.


“I attended the event last week that you presented on boosting your immunity and I am completely inspired! I’m currently a CPD student and have always been interested in alternative therapies and holistic nutrition and you solidified the fact that this is definitely the path I want to take. Thank you for reinforcing my excitement in this area of nutrition! You just seem to have so much knowledge and passion for what you do, and it’s truly is inspirational. Your students are lucky to have someone as passionate as you are for an instructor! – Kristen M.

“I got a lot out of our meeting and even made a stop at Trader Joes last night to pick up most of the items we discussed.  So I’m going to get started on the change this morning. Thanks for a great session.” – Paul S.


“Thank you so much!  I had such a great time meeting with you the other morning. What a fun and positive person you are! And I have been including more soluble fiber in every meal!!!” – Sharon W.

“Michele, I just wanted to let you know that after months of distress, primarily gas and gas pains, I finally seem to be almost all better.  I think the (treatment) you suggested really did the trick. Thanks for all your help!” Sincerely, N. F 

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