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Peek At My Plate – Summer Favorite

– Cod baked w/ lemon pepper seasoning – Blanched kale – Sauteed bok choy & onions with natto miso chutney – Mashed butternut squash – Millet & quinoa

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Peek At My Plate – End of Summer

– Steamed cauliflower and carrots – Sauteed spinach with garlic – Baked perch with panko bread crumbs – Pressure cooked brown rice with corn & hiziki – Beets marinated in balsamic vinegar  

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Peek At My Plate – Fall Favorite

– Soup: Pureed roasted red pepper & butternut squash – Clockwise from top: Aduki beans pressured cooked w/ carrots, onion & shiitake mushrooms – Buckwheat Kasha with potato and mushrooms – Steamed brussels sprouts

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